The Perils of Propaganda: How Trump is Winning the Information War

Trump engaged the services of prostitutes (while married to his third wife) and then, to hide this during the campaign, paid hush money to keep the trysts quiet. He then lied about all of it. Why is that not still front page news? Where are all the congressional investigations? Where is the outrage? More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual assault. Where are the articles of impeachment? They are absent because Fox News does not report this story, and Fox is the primary (and sometimes sole) source of news for the majority of conservatives. They are absent because Trump’s evangelical supporters have given up any pretense of supporting family values. They are absent because GOP leaders in the Congress have abdicated their constitutional duties.

While Trump’s behavior is at least as bad as what caused the House to impeach Clinton, we see no nightly news feeds with never-ending loops of the story-line of prostitution and assault. Why are the Democrats not pounding this story every single day? Instead one day read about the president, prostitutesand sexual assaults, and then the next day the stories are gone. WTF? So sexual assault and prostitution are acceptable — as long as the president is a Republican.

Remember what Fox News and the GOP did with Hillary’s emails with their scorched earth coverage of those non-stories with over 2500 news feeds, daily pounding over and over again until it became like oxygen in the air? The Trump White House has multiple people using personal email for sensitive government business — the very thing they went nuts over with Hillary, who did so on a much smaller scale. Plus, the White House is giving sensitive security briefings to staff with inadequate clearances. So why on earth are the Democrats not doing the same thing with this story that Fox did with Hillary’s emails? Why not pound this daily until it becomes what we are all talking about daily? So national security breaches are OK — as long as the president is a Republican.

Remember Fox News coverage of Benghazi, with more than 2700 news episodes, a story blown out of proportion as only a propaganda machine can do. So where is the outrage over what happened in Yemen with that security breach, oversight failure and tragic deaths? It is OK to have policy failures leading to avoidable deaths — as long as a Republican is president.

Trump supporters tell us that we should respect the presidency, after eight years of viciously trashing Obama and the office of the Presidency, calling Obama a Muslim, a radical Christian who hates America, a Kenyan-born impostor; after Mitch McConnell vowed his only role was to ensure Obama fails. But sure, let’s respect the office of the presidency — only when a Republican is President.

Trump supporters moan about George Soros and his support for liberal causes, yet ignore the role of the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, who are much deeper into implementing conservative policy. It is OK for a billionaire to support a political Party — as long as it is the GOP.

In an age of information warfare, Democrats are fighting with one-hand tied behind their backs and both legs taped together. We have allowed Fox News to dominate the news cycle and determine the daily storylines, even if the stories are fabricated. There is no longer any limit to the depravity of the right wing; no bottom depth of their moral decay; no extreme they are not willing to exceed.

We have no hope of winning the mid-term elections if we continue to fight this asymmetrical warfare. Democratic leaders have failed completely to tackle the right wing disinformation machine, and we are losing because of that failure. We need new blood, a new cadre of younger leaders who can fight this battle every single day. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of our republic depends on the outcome of the elections in November. We must get our act together and fight every single false news story put out by Fox every single day.

has published in an eclectic range of fields, including neurobiology, marine science, international development, environmental protection and aviation.

has published in an eclectic range of fields, including neurobiology, marine science, international development, environmental protection and aviation.