Catching Dick: Not Why We Care About Weight and the Myth of Fat But Fit

Amy Schumer said in her humorous acceptance speech at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards: “I’m like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want, and that’s the truth.”

The line, like many in her speech, is obviously very funny. But the humor is directed at a misperception that is not so funny. With our society’s superficial focus on youth and appearance, we have emphasized all the wrong reasons for maintaining a healthy body weight, which has nothing to…

About Viruses

We have the power to cut through the chaos of a confusing world awash in social media misinformation, breathless hype and ever-more-bizarre conspiracy theories. We simply need to take a collective deep breath and fresh look at this frightening pandemic from a new angle. We can find solace, and answers, in the comfort of basic science and the purity of objective truth.

The pandemic is caused by a type of virus; so, let’s start there.

Viruses are the most reduced forms of life, yet they are nevertheless wondrously complex. In the world of biology nothing is simple, even…

The Epitome of Criminality

We have entered a new, unprecedented and extraordinarily dangerous phase of lawlessness. How we emerge will determine if we succumb to fascism or remain a democracy. We now stand at the threshold. Trump is aggressively challenging fundamental tenets of the Constitution, in particular the embedded right of the Congress to provide independent oversight of the Executive Branch. Never in our history have we seen this overt contempt for the law, not even during the worst of Watergate.

Trump has now defied lawful, constitutionally mandated, congressional demands for documents and witness testimony.

Trump ordered Carl Kline, a former White House personnel…

Trump engaged the services of prostitutes (while married to his third wife) and then, to hide this during the campaign, paid hush money to keep the trysts quiet. He then lied about all of it. Why is that not still front page news? Where are all the congressional investigations? Where is the outrage? More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual assault. Where are the articles of impeachment? They are absent because Fox News does not report this story, and Fox is the primary (and sometimes sole) source of news for the majority of conservatives. They are absent…

In the heart of the economic crisis of 2009, President Obama pushed through a $787 billion stimulus package, overpowering the GOP’s unified conservative opposition. Almost every single Republican voted against the plan, arguing primarily against the idea because the spending would increase the federal debt. At the time, Republican leaders routinely and piously were calling for a balanced budget amendment.

Mitch McConnell lamented the bill saying that the Senate “cast one of the most expensive votes in history.” McConnell was apoplectic with angst, wondering how “we were going to pay for this.”

That same Mitch McConnell this year championed a…

Jeff Schweitzer, Ph.D.

What we are witnessing with the White House attempting to undermine the FBI investigation is an existential threat to our democracy. That is not an exaggeration of the imminent danger we face. We have an overt attempt to obstruct justice, with the Congress acting as a willing accomplice. Consider this: if Trump fires Mueller or the GOP establishment continues to actively undermine Mueller, we would no longer have any means of investigation the president; he will become for the first time in our history truly above the law. That is dictatorship.

Only one person is stopping this…

Jeff Schweitzer, Ph.D.

has published in an eclectic range of fields, including neurobiology, marine science, international development, environmental protection and aviation.

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